The Doctor

Dr. Michael Jorgensen, D.C.

Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner

Welcome to Red River Wellness!

I am excited that you've come to our website to learn more about how we may be able to help you in your desire for less pain and better health. As for me, I've been doing this for a good while. I am in my 28th year of chiropractic practice. I'm also a second generation chiropractor who has been able to witness the miracles and power of chiropractic for my entire life! My dad helped countless thousands of people get out of crippling pain and illnesses over the decades I was able to observe him and hear about patient success stories. Sadly though, I lost my mother at the age of 52 from brain cancer and my dad a few years later at the age of 54 from congestive heart failure. Both of my parents were smokers and did not take care of their health! This has left a large void in my life and the life of my children as they don't have grandparents around to love them like only grandpas and grandmas can. This loss has, I believe, motivated me to be driven to help bring the message of disease prevention and wellness to my community.

Our New Mission

Several years ago I earned my certification as a wellness practitioner through the International Chiropractor's Association. I believe in the message and mission of wellness very strongly. Our society is being dragged down by the unsustainable costs of poor lifestyle choices coupled with the treatment of these effects by more and more drugs and surgery. Something that I believe has also become obvious to everyone is the epidemic of obesity. The current generation is not even expected to live longer than their parents for the first time in history! With new threats to our community's health, I felt that I needed a new strategy and a new approach. I needed more tools than just chiropractic and the philosophy of wellness to make an impact.