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Thank you for visiting the website of Red River Wellness - a family chiropractic wellness clinic.

Your health is your greatest wealth! What can you do without your health? Sadly, I lost both of my parents, Mother at age 52 from brain cancer, and Father at age 54 from congestive heart failure. I had just graduated chiropractic college in 1988 and was looking forward to launching my career in chiropractic. My mother was on her death bed and didn't live long enough to see me acquire my State license. She was a smoker and did not take care of her health. My dad was a chiropractor and knew better. He was also a smoker, lived a high stress lifestyle and had chronic high blood pressure. He had a mild stroke at the age of 52 and succumbed to congestive heart failure two years later. This is a loss that affects me but motivates me to this day.

Throughout the 28 years of practice, I have evolved towards a more comprehensive model of health care at my office. A healthy spine and nervous system is foundational to our health and serves as the starting point with chiropractic. Then I added clinical nutrition in 2003, to find specific toxicities and deficiencies in a person's health. In 2008 a added the distinction of a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner. In 2010 we incorporated the Ideal Protein method to deal with obesity, blood sugar issues and metabolic syndrome. At the present time we are moving towards becoming an 8 Weeks to Wellness center. It is a big undertaking but will allow Red River Wellness to offer the most comprehensive wellness assessment, called a Wellness Score, and a detailed plan to improve it using chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition, massage and meditation. Our mission at Red River Wellness is: "To lead people and families out of lives of pain, poor health, obesity and disease and into lives of abundant health and vitality, naturally."

We hope you'll join us in this worthy endeavor.

Yours in health,

Dr. Michael Jorgensen, D.C.